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Singapore Army

I will be back in camp for my annual army training today till Friday. Packing is all done. See you all next weekend. Advertisements

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Dollfie Dream Friends

Yui and Reimu pops by for a visit. =D

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Anime Festival Asia 2011

Had a wonderful time last weekend at AFA 2011. =D

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Morning Rescue Cosplay

Do you have a passion for rescuing 1) magical girls, who out of naiveness, unknowingly signed a no return life contract with ambiguous terms and conditions put out by certain cute furry akuma animal from unknown origin, thus having to … Continue reading

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Dollfie Dream Homura

Sasara + Homura = Sasamura. =D First debut at AFA 2011. Thank you Zh3us for taking this beautiful pic.

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Anime Festival Asia AFA 2011 Preview

Day 1 starto!

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CDS Anime Festival Asia 2011 Release

Are you coming to AFA 2011 this weekend? Are you a fan of Chiwa Saito? Are you a fan of Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai? Do you have little friends? If your answer is Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes then you … Continue reading

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