Morning Rescue Cosplay

Do you have a passion for rescuing 1) magical girls, who out of naiveness, unknowingly signed a no return life contract with ambiguous terms and conditions put out by certain cute furry akuma animal from unknown origin, thus having to spend the rest of their lives fighting spiritual enemies threatening humanity and in the process of fulfilling said bond, will eventually led to sorrows and despair and resulting in their ultimate downfall? And 2) People suffering from hangovers from too much parting the night before?

If your answer is YES! and YES! The Singapore Morning Rescue Command wants you! We are recruiting!

Recruits will be issued with uniform, which will be made to order. It includes;

1) Orange jumpsuit – One size only. L. Will fit rescuers that are 170cm-ish tall.
2) Morning Rescue decal on jumpsuit.
3) White cap

All 3 items above totals S$90. Will require payment upon signing up so as to facilitate ordering of uniform and decal printing.

Items not included and recruits must get their own are;

1) Black boots (SAF boots is accepted)
2) White gloves
3) Bottle of Morning Rescue

Other requirements
2) Must be able and willing to attend cosplay events in Singapore.
1) Must agree not to carry camera during rescue mission. Our objective is to rescue Magical Girls, not photograph them. However, rescue attempts been photographed by others is alright.

Special thanks to nutcase23 for taking this photo of me at the recently concluded Anime Festival Asia 2011. Now time to go lescue some magical girls. =D


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21 Responses to Morning Rescue Cosplay

  1. Zip down for some air. 😛

    But yes it is hot even in air-conditioned places, especially moving around.

  2. alphond says:

    go ahead and make a 5-members superhero team named wif MORNING LESCUE RANGER. i dun mind taking the red ranger though

  3. Lescue says:

    Hi, I am in the United States, but would really like to buy a Morning Rescue suit. Can you ship one to me? Please send me an email at


  4. Jayhawk says:

    Hi, I also live in the U.S. and would like to buy a Morning Lescue suit. Magical girls need lescuing over here too. My email is Thank you!

  5. koutasensei says:

    If you are still taking applicants,I’m interested in joining.Think the suit fits 180cm?

  6. JingloHenglo says:

    Hi I’m from Malaysia and I’m interested in getting a Moaning LessQ shirt. Do you think it’s possible to send help to the magical girls whose souls are being consumed by gried? My e-mail is

  7. spiked_vash says:

    Hi, sergeant gordon, I plan to cosplay as a Morning Rescuer here in the US at a convention, but I’m having a hard time finding the Morning Rescue decal. Is there any way I can buy just the decal from you? Thank you very much.

  8. xeron says:

    I would love to know if you’re still issuing uniforms to new recruits, and if you are willing to ship to the U.S. More and more magical girls are appearing here, and they need to be rescued! 😀
    You can email me at

  9. Ryken101 says:

    Would you be able to ship the uniform to the U.S.? I will gladly pay the $90 plus any shipping expenses that may arise.

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  11. TwitchyRyukie says:

    Hey I was wondering if recruiting was still going on and if you would ship to US? I would gladly pay it would just take a little while before I can order.

  12. Jason77 says:

    Hello! I was also Woundering if you are still doing this morning rescue Stuff I live In Canada and would Naturally Pay the 90$ as well as any shipping to get it here I could order rate away! My Email is Message Me back When You get A Chance. There Are Magical Girls To Be Saved In Canada!

  13. Kyusiko says:

    Hello, not sure if you are able to or still doing this but I’d be totally willing to pay the $90 plus any shipping costs to the US! I’m a Kyoko cosplayer and would have a lot of fun cosplaying Kyoko in a Morning Rescue suit, I think! 🙂 If you’re still doing this and could contact me at it would be super appreciated. Thank you!

  14. is it possible to ship us? usually i make my own but this looks too cool not to investigate.

    also, anyone know where to get MR online?

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