Nendoroid Christmas

Christmas for Saber and Kureha.

Just helping out my friend whose blog is under intensive care in the sickbay.

These pics are simply so cute I really got to post them up! Enjoy the series.


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39 Responses to Nendoroid Christmas

  1. Kodomut says:

    So adorable :3

    I thought it was blood on the floor for the last pic though XD

  2. Kona says:

    Awwwww, that’s so cute. X3
    Especially Kureha. The lighting made her colours look special. 🙂

  3. chun says:

    awww so cute, and hope your friend’s blog feel better soon!

    • dice says:

      Thanks chun. the server’s coughing up. . . been in the ICU for some time. still not doing well. sighhhhh. and I’m stealing bandwidth from Gordon’s site haha!

  4. Gunstray says:

    Very cute indeed, and you are currently the only person I know who hasnt mistreated Nendo Liliy.

  5. YuKi-To says:

    lots of nice props! :3
    looking forward for the blog to get well!

  6. CottonCandy says:

    awww~ it’s xmas oredi..
    love the snowflakes~ and also.. the chair kureha is sitting..
    where did u get it? =D

  7. Reltair says:

    Wow, so much Saber Lily nendo everywhere. I still need to get her!

  8. Chappy says:

    So fast ready for Christmas? `~`

  9. rockleelotus says:

    cute overload! love these pics and all the little props!

  10. Jacques says:

    great photography, kureha and saber lily looked so cute, that I’m actually kinda tempted to get one for myself. Must resist..

    hope your friend’s blog get well soon.

    • dice says:

      Thanks! It was Kureha’s face on Saber Nendoroid actually. Haha i just didn’t wanted to see Saber pout and frown all the time so i er. . . performed cosmetic surgery haha

  11. zh3us says:

    love the tsun-ny saber with shiny snow flakes!

  12. Ederuferuto says:

    Sooooo cute! Love the 2nd last picture. XD

  13. Jamaipanese says:

    beautiful shots, so clear and sharp

  14. Leonia says:

    Nekoguchi made beautiful pictures ! This shooting is really adorable! Thank for this sharing

    • dice says:

      Thanks Leonia. This batch didn’t turn out that well actually cos i was kinda feeling sick when taking them. Didn’t really experiment with different backgrounds haha. Will strive for better shots next time!

  15. Hexlord says:

    Tempted to get Saber Nendo XD

  16. wow lovely photo’s and very festive 🙂

  17. Kar Loke says:

    Awww, It`s cute.
    Looks like christmas came early.

  18. chubbybots says:

    Lol, thought the last picture was bloodspills at first…but still nice pictures ^^ Was thinking wouldn’t a white background be better, more of the snow feel haha.

  19. Michael Flux says:

    Holy crap, these are wonderful :p If only they would be bigger, what amazing wallpapers they would make ^_^

  20. phossil says:

    kawaiiii~~~ really cute figures and photos. ^_^

  21. andra says:

    awwww, kawaii! Sitting Kureha is soo cute >.<

    the last photo looks like valentine's day lol ^^;

  22. jorgitoteran says:

    wow the pictures are really adorable
    KAWAII!! 🙂

  23. wow i liked it so much, chibi kureha

  24. phossil says:

    lovely photos. 😉

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