Go! Go! Curry!

If you are in Akihabara, you got to try ゴーゴーカレー Go! Go! Curry!.

This is the Go! Go! Curry along the main street, Chuo-Dori. it must be good as people say since there is a line waiting to go in. Note that this line is queuing to pay for a ticket at the vending machine inside the store and there’s another separate queue waiting for vacant seats. @@

This is how the famous Go! Go! Curry! looks like. Btw it doesn’t come with so much shredded cabbage as you can see,  the extra serving of cabbage is from a friend who was with me who doesn’t fancy vegetable so I took his share. ^^;

Anyway for the uninitialized, there are many types of curries in Japan. One of it is known as the Kanazawa curry, named after Kanazawa the capital city in Japan’s Ishikawa prefecture, which is the type of curry Go! Go! Curry! serves.

So what is so special about Go! Go! Curry? it’s characteristics includes,

– Thick and gooey dark brown sauce
– Shredded cabbage served on the side
– Served in a stainless steel bowl
– Eaten with just a fork
– Pork cutlet placed on top of curry
– Sauce covers the entirety of the white rice below

Yes you read right. the dish is eaten with only a fork! That’s because the curry is so thick even a fork can scoop it up. ^^;

Here’s a map on where Go! Go! Curry! is located. There are 2 stores in Akihabara as far as I know. The one along the main street beside Yoshinoya s the easiest to find.

For those in Singapore, we have 2 branches in ION Orchard and 313@Somerset and a newly opened one at Parco Marina Bay.

Website here for more info.

And don’t worry, in Singapore Go! Go! Curry! all the dishes comes with spoons. ^^;

UPDATE June 2012

Seems like Go Go Curry! didn’t last long in Singapore unfortunately. Either the brand is mismanaged by the local distributor or the franchise rights expired. Regardless the reason, the truth is, the curry with the gorilla mascot is no more and in it’s replacement we have Monster Curry, located at the same 3 places Go Go Curry once stood.

Of course, it is not as authentic a Kanazawa curry as it’s predecessor,  it now offers you 5 level of spiciness in the form of 1 – 5 splotches depending on your preference and more variety of dishes are available.


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3 Responses to Go! Go! Curry!

  1. Q says:

    I remember that Tokyo Hunter wanted to bring me to Go! Go! Curry! when he took me around Akihabara in 2010, but the queue was too long so we went for something else with shorter queue (we went for Pepper Lunch instead).

    What you have described for the curry and the way the meal is surfed sounds a bit unusual compared to other typical restaurants. Maybe I’ll give it a try when I go out on a trip in the near future 😮

  2. lmjapan says:

    Thanks for posting this map with the Akiba Go Go Curry locations. I will be in Tokyo next month and I really want to give it a try.

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