Titanic 3D

I return to Titanic. 15 years later.

10 April 1912, RMS Titanic, the largest passenger liner at that time, departs from Southampton, England to New York City on her maiden voyage. On 15 April 1912, Titanic sank in the North Atlantic Ocean after colliding with an iceberg. 1514 out of 2224 passengers died in the freezing cold water due to insufficient lifeboats.

In 1997, the movie Titanic, directed by James Cameron, was released and was a critical and commercial success. It was nominated for 14 Academy Award and won 11 including Best Visual Effects, Best Music, Best Song, Best Picture and Best Director.

Today in year 2012, to commemorate the centenary of the Titanic, the movie is re-released in 3D and will open next week on 4th April.

Will like to OMY for inviting me to the Titanic 3D movie preview. I enjoyed it very much, same feeling I had when I first watched it 15 years ago when I was in secondary school. The 3D looks great. Though I think the movie is nice with or without 3D. Most people are just happy to be able to watch the movie again on the big screen.

To tell you the truth, Titanic is the movie most boys my age first saw a naked woman in the form of Kate Winslet. She was 22 years old back then and a little plump. But that doesn’t matter, the first naked woman a boy saw holds dear memories in his mind.

So the next thing people are gonna ask is will we see a naked Kate Winslet in this 3D re-release? A 3D naked Kate Winslet is hard to say no to right? But unfortunately, I am sorry to say, the local version is from beginning to end a very safe PG movie. The yummy part have been censored out, though a bit badly done, with noticeable slow choppy frames during the undressing scene.

But hey! Look on the bright side, at least you can bring your kids to watch. You can tell them how this is the movie you and your wife watched 15 years ago and re-enacted the “I’m flying”, “You jump I jump” scenes.


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