Anime Festival Asia 2012 Press Conference

This year is Anime Festival Asia’s 5th anniversary and will be for the first time held at a new venue, the Singapore Expo from 9 – 11 November 2012. A press conference was held earlier today which offered a teaser as to what we can expect from the event.

Undoubtedly most will be interested in the concert lineup and this year Iine up includes,

2. Fripside
3. May’n
4. Sea☆A
5. Sphere
6. TM Revolution

Who is FLOW?

Who is Fripside?

Who is May’n?

Who is Sea☆A?


Who is Sphere?

Sphere is a pop group made up of 4 members who are seiyuu

Haruka Tomatsu – voice of Ichika Takatsuki (Ano Natsu), Asuna (Sword Art Online), Yuina Wakura (Hanasaku Iroha), Naruko Anjō (Ano Hana) etc
Minako Kotobuki – voice of Tsumugi (K-ON!), Blue Rose (Tiger & Bunny)
Ayahi Takagaki – voice of Feldt Grace (Gundam 00)
Aki Toyosaki – voice of Chiyuri Kurashima (Accel World), Yui (K-ON!), Nako (Hanasaku Iroha), Medaka Kurokami (Medeka Box), Uiharu (Toaru Kagaku no Railgun)

Their music is frequently featured as tie-ins to a variety of anime series, including Hatsukoi Limited, Sora no Manimani, and Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Maō. The group is currently featured in the anime titled Natsuiro Kiseki (A summer coloured miracle), in which every member has a role as the four main characters.

Who is T.M.Revolution?

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More details like line up, ticket prices will be reveal in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

In addition, the rest of the special guests includes,

Japanese cosplayer Singi 清祇 –


Danny Choo

Japanese anime filmmaker Shinichiro Watanabe 渡辺 信一郎

Anime producer Go Nakanishi 中西 豪, here to present his latest anime “K”

And also be sure to look out for tyhis awesome Gundam Unicorn by our very own Singapore mecha cosplayer Clive!

That’s all for now. More info will be revealed soon! =D

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