Ito Noizi Singapore Toy Game Comic Convention STGCC 2012

Hello! Minna-san thank you for reading the previous post on Piko’s interview! This time I’ll be writing about Ito Noizi sensei’s interview! ━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━!!

Ito Sensei is really an amazing artist! She designed fantastic characters like Shana, Haruhi and Misaki Mei ^^ I personally loves the “Another” anime very much! I hoped minna-san loves sensei’s art work as much as I do ^^ STGCC 2012 has really been a fruitful one~ Even now I’m still suffering from post STGCC syndrome. (´∀`) Sensei is really very nice and polite person~ I hope I’ll be able to see her in Singapore again XD or maybe during Comiket in Japan(^ω^)Also I must thank Gordon-San for the wonderful opportunity! Thanks to him I was able to interview Ito sensei as well as Piko san! hehe :3 I’ve also become Ito-sensei’s fan due to Gordon san’s Intro ( ´∀`)人(´∀` )

Alright I’ll stop talking now xD
I hope you guy will enjoy this post of Ito sensei’s Interview! \(^o^)/

いとうのいぢ (Itō Noiji)
Ito Sensei is a renowned Japanese manga and game artist. She is under the H-game company UNiSONSHIFT and has her own doujin circle Fujitsubo-Machine. Ito sensei is well known for designing characters for series such as Shakugan no Shana,  Suzumiya Haruhi as well as Another.

Ito Noizi Sensei’s interview on 1st September 2012 at STGCC 2012

If you’re not a manga artist, what would you have become?
NEET ( ´∀`) -> Not in education employment or training <-

Things that you want to see in Singapore?
I’ve seen the Merlion Yesterday but I haven’t visit the Night Safari yet! I would love to visit it if the time allows.

If you can become one of the characters that you’ve drawn, who would it be?
Haruhi~ Because she seems to be such Free and Lively girl. (・∀・)

Other than drawing what are your other Hobbies?
I’m quite busy with work recently so I didn’t have much time for myself. However, once I’m done with all my work I’ll probably be going back to gaming and reading manga because that’s what I enjoy!

How did you felt about your birthday being the same day as Singapore’s National Day?
ええええ!吃驚しった!(eeeee~ I’m surprised!)
This is my first time hearing this! I’m very surprised! But I think the next time I might celebrated my birthday in another special way after hearing this. (*´∀`)

Ito sensei’s only drawing of Shana at the event graffiti wall.

Ito Noizi sensei’s twitter:
Fujitsubo-Machine’s Doujin Web:

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  1. Q says:

    Oh a guest post and nice interview! What a great thing for Itou-san going to Singapore for the event, and that you get to interview her! She does sound easygoing, and surely enjoys what she’s doing! I personally really like her drawings of Shana!

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