Love Live! Season 2 Episode 1

I shall attempt to summarise what happened previously in one sentence. The girls from the first season somehow manages to prevent their school from closing by forming an idol group. There I done it. Now susume to season 2!

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LLS2E102Eli steps down as Student Council President.

That awkward slow clap…

And turns out, she has appointed Honoka her successor! You wa shock? Before anyone cries plot twist, I can explain. There was a t-virus outbreak and all the credible candidates have been killed. Yes. Really.

ZombiesSee I told ya, the other candidates.

LLS2E103Such Glee. Much musical. Very dance.

LLs2p0102Hanayo wa shock to find out she was the least popular among the 9 on the internet. But you already know that.

LLs2p0104There is going to be another Love Live tournament! 2 competitions within the same year. Convenient plot twist is convenient Sunrise, well done…

LLs2p0103Not only that, the second Love Live! is going to be on a National level, so that means they have to compete with best-of-the-best A-RISE in the regional preliminary.




LLs2p01010Well girls, don’t worry, if Shohoku can defeat Sannoh, so can you!

gonna-winYou tell them Sakuragi!

LLs2p0105All these plot twisties is making me hungry.


ariseBtw, it’s A-RISE. Not A-LAWS.

alawsA-LAWS’ finest ace.

LLs2p0106 I thought it was to stop the school from closing? #PlotnoJutsu.

LLs2p0108Tall Nico is tall.



LLs2p0109As though they expect people not to see this animation mistake?

LLs2p011Surprise! The plot twist twists back!

LLs2p012Much motivational

LLs2p013Make history as what?

LLs2p014Row Row fight da powa!


Stay Tuned for next episode.

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