Love Live! Season 2 Episode 2

Training camp episode. Cos every musical anime needs one.

LLS2E02001Why should they worry about unreleased songs? They never took part in the last Love Live so their songs should be term as unreleased right? Unless you count the ones uploaded to the internet which even so, is only a small fraction of out of the total songs they have.

LLS2E02002 LLS2E02003So won’t original songs suffice? Since it’s not covering professional idols?
Of course the answer is no, cos the plot says so.

LLS2E02004 LLS2E02005Can use it for your solo career later Nico-chan.

LLS2E02006To the beach hopefully.

LLS2E02007Ok it’s not the beach…

LLS2E020310km swim! @@! Even Ironman Triathlon’s swimming is just 3.9km!

LLS2E02008 LLS2E02009See, should have gone to the beach instead.

LLS2E0205The can opener!

LLS2E0206Why sit together when there’s so many other empty seats?

LLS2E020012Big house is big

LLS2E0207Such convenience.

LLS2E0208A ceiling fan is uncommon in Japan probably cos most homes has low ceiling. During cold season, the higher the ceiling the higher the heating required.

LLS2E0209This is going a bit far. You would think they went to Europe for their camping trip.

LLS2E020013 LLS2E020014LLS2E02011Probably the only benefit of having a chimney in a country where people don’t usually use one.

LLS2E02012LLS2E020015LLS2E02013Hats off to the production team for going all out to show us Maki’s child like innocence.

LLS2E020016LLS2E020017LLS2E020018Wait a sec, shouldn’t song writing be having the music first before one can write the lyric or vice versa? And not both done at the same time by 2 different people in 2 separate places? Like that how would they know the music and lyric will sync?

LLS2E020019You got to be kidding me. You can just walk closer over the ledge to get it.

LLS2E020020Seriously man!

LLS2E02015Suddenly Nico-chan grew so big she can hit the trees.

LLS2E020021Such optimism. I should take up mountain climbing too.

LLS2E020022Finding the way down?


LLS2E02016Sharing is caring

LLS2E02017I admire people who can sleep anywhere. And live.

LLS2E02018 So with the help of convenient plot, they got the song and costume done in time before the show ends. How wonderful. But since Love Live only allow unreleased songs, we won’t get to hear this new song any time soon then? And is only one song enough to last through the entire competition? I guess we will find out.

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