Love Live! Season 2 Episode 3


This episode is all about sleeping with the enemy.

LLS2ep0301Like Street Fighters Turbo II.

LLS2ep0302By dress you mean outfit right? Cos a dress is definitely less revealing than the mini-skirt they are wearing right now.

LLS2ep0303If so, I would be in jail by now.

LLS2ep0304Dynamite? Sense it does not make. OK whatever.

LLS2ep0305OK with bikini but not a sexy dress. Girls’ logic.

LLS2ep0305b LLS2ep0306Maybe that’s your idea od sexiness but that outfit hardly sexy at all Umi-chan.

LLS2ep0307Might as well take advantage of the situation and cop a feel.

LLS2ep0308So is everybody.

LLS2ep0309Yes, cute girls doing cute things.

LLS2ep03001This pic is in the wrong order…

LLS2ep03010Aren’t we forgetting our place here? What happen to addressing seniors as senpai?

LLS2ep03011Seriously who in their right mind would cut away their fringe like that?

LLS2ep03012No you can’t. Not unless you bough $9999 worth of their goods first. Rules are rules.

LLS2ep03013What’s with all the ice? Looks like a waste.

LLS2ep03014What happens if you change the hairstyle of these 2?


LLS2ep03015O-Oh, Bitch please

LLS2ep03016 LLS2ep03017 LLS2ep03018
Ko Akuma


LLS2ep03020Impossible, Nico-chan doesn’t have that much volume of hair to roll it into buns.

LLS2ep03022Have you ever wonder what makes A-RISE so formidable? Simple, because the plot says so.

I better do episode 4 now before things gets late again. Stay tuned.

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