China Rips Off Love Live School Idol Festival Game

If something is popular, you can be sure China won’t be far behind with their own version of it. Ripping something off is bad enough but what if you steal copyright material as well?

That is certainly the case here with a China version of the highly popular Love Live! School Idol Festival (we shall call it LL SIF) mobile game that recently passed the 3 million users mark.

In this China rip off, call 萌动歌姫 aka Moe Anime Songtress, which you can download from the Apple store free of charge, is visually very similar to LL SIF but with an assorted cast of copyrighted characters from various anime franchises. Which I am pretty sure they didn’t get permission for.

The songs available are from a wide range of selection as well. From anime songs, Western pop songs, Chinese songs and Vocaloid songs. It’s like someone’s ipod random playlist.

I didn’t play all the songs but those that I tried, the quality is kinda bad, with fuzzy background noise.




They even have events as well. The last one was SAO.

The event song.

You can also try your luck in the gacha to roll for rare cards. I tried it and I got Annie. Who knows she can sing as well ya?

The current event looks to be Chu2koi.



Looks exactly the same as LL SIF but much easier to play.




And so there you have it. it’s also available for Android phones as well I believe. If you are able to download it, I highly recommend you try it just for the lols. We are not even mad at you China. Thanks for the laughs.


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10 Responses to China Rips Off Love Live School Idol Festival Game

  1. 😀 lol I just know this.

  2. SushiKitten says:

    This was so much fun to play for a laugh! Thanks for sharing!

  3. veshurik says:

    Anyone who plays? I don’t understand how can I get other N cards.

  4. I can’t believe you actually like this IMO. I play the EN and JP versions of SIF and it’s for sure better than this ^^

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  6. Juro says:

    What is the name in english

  7. SashaB_osu says:

    1) To be honest, they didn’t rip off of china first, they ripped of of Japan’s Love Live School Idol Festival that was made in Japanese first by Klab. Then China copied Japan (KLab games). Next time, please do MORE research before pointing things out.
    2) 萌动歌姫 (Moe Anime Songtress) report that game then telling us…

  8. how nice!
    i love it,and if you are interested in purchasing LOVELIVE goods,
    pls let me know!!
    thank you!

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