Singapore Toy Game & Comic Convention STGCC 2018

The first wave of guests has been announced for STGCC 2018. Check it out below or click here to visit their website for more information.

Are you a fan of Batman? Well, you’re in for a treat! David Finch, one of the artists behind the recent Batman #50 will be in town for this year’s STGCC!

Or maybe Spidey’s more your kind of guy. You’re in luck as Ryan Meinerding, Head of Visual Development at Marvel Studios, will be here as well!

Adding on to the superhero fun is Mark Brooks. An Eisner Award nominated comic illustrator and designer, Mark’s known most recently for his acclaimed interior work on Marvel Comics’ Star Wars: Han Solo.

If you’re a fan of Blue Submarine No.6, LASTEXILE, The Silver Wing or Shangri-La, you would definitely know of Range Murata. The esteemed illustrator will be here to charm fans with his unique illustration style!

Animation music fans, watch out! Future Cake songtress YUC’e will be here to entertain with her remixes of animation music such as Bakemonogatari and Aikatsu!

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