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501st Legion Great Wall of China

The 501st Legion is everywhere. We have units in every inch of this planet. Here we see the troopers at the Great Wall of China. ^^;

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TK0.5 Adventures

TK0.5’s adventures continues.

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TK-0.5 The World Traveling Trooper

Who is TK0.5?

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Newspaper Coverage

The Singapore Garrison is featured on the local newspaper The Sunday Times 19th Sep 2010. ^^;

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St Patrick’s Day Parade 2010

Today March 17 is St Patrick’s Day, an Irish festival. Although not celebrated nor is it a holiday here in Singapore, the Irish community here do get together on a Sunday before the actual day for a street parade with … Continue reading

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Chingay Parade 2010

Chingay is annual street and floats parade which takes place during the Chinese New Year period in Singapore. Participants includes performers from all over Asia and also from a galaxy far far away.

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Chingay 2010

These lovely belly dancers were asking why are they kissing such a dirty helmet. *chuckles* ^^; More Chingay coverage here.

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