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AKB48 Hong Kong

AKB48 Hong Kong Store. Advertisements

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AKB48 Tomomi Itano

Today is the birthday of Tomomi Itano 板野友美 or affectionately known as Tomochin. She’s one of AKB48 more popular members, with that sexy nekoguchi and 八重歯. =D

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AKB48 Cafe Singapore

AKB48 Singapore had a soft launch for the world’s first AKB48 Official Cafe at *Scape last Saturday 25 June 2011.

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SDN48 Singapore Concert

12 members of SDN48, (short for Saturday Night 48), were in Singapore last week for their first overseas concert. The Japanese idol girl group, created and produced by Yasushi Akimoto, is a sister group to the massively successful AKB48 (currently … Continue reading

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AKB48 Singapore

Good news AKB48 fans, now you get to see the girls perform live in Singapore on regular basis from this month onwards and spend your hard/easy earned dough or pocket money or both on merchandises at their official shop which … Continue reading

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They are everywhere in Tokyo.

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