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Saki Miyamoto

The appropriate attire for a house cleaning maid. Minus the high heels if possible, it might damage the sofa. Source : Miyamoto Saki

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Hinnyu no Hi Flat Chest Day

Today Nov 12 (11/12) is known as ii hinnyu no hi いい貧乳の日 Reason is because ii looks like 11 and ii いい means good (良い、好い) As for 12, 1 can be written as 一 (Hito) and 2 as ニュ (nyu) thus … Continue reading

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Re:Zero Elsa Granhiert Cosplay

Elsa Granhiert cosplay by Olivie.

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Secretary Day

If you don’t know, today April 27 is known as Secretary’s Day. =)

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Sumire Uesaka

Congrats to Sumipe for winning Best New Actress at the 10th Seiyuu Awards on 12th March 2016. OMG don’t she just look beautiful? Anyway I think only in Japan would one be considered “new” even with 5 years of experience … Continue reading

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Mishima Saki

Her name is 三嶋沙希 You are most welcomed. =)

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Open-chested Turtleneck Sweater

The latest fashion trend on the internet 胸開きタートルネック

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