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Mount Haruna

Mount Haruna, located in Gunma, Japan, is one of the 3 extinct volcanoes in that prefecture. On Mount Haruna in between her cleavage, you will find a crater lake, call Lake Haruna. The mountain is featured in the manga / … Continue reading

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Twin Tail Day and Origin

Today February 2 is known as Twin Tail Day. No particular reason why as to the origin of this day on this date but the Japan Anniversary Association‘s explanation is because of how 2/2 overlap with each other donating the … Continue reading

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Odaiba Flower Gundam Topiary RX78-2

If you are in Tokyo this month, you might want to hop by Odaiba to check out the 7 meters tall Gundam flower topiary right next to the life size RX78-2 Gundam at the Diver City Tokyo plaza.

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Japan Conveyor Sushi Candid Camera

Check this out. A gaijin placed her video cam on the sushi conveyor belt and capturing surprised customers as it goes around. Pretty cool. ^^;

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Japan Candid Camera

Japan ver. of Candid Camera is so much more WIN.

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Tokyo McDonalds

Taken last December during my Tokyo trip. In a Tokyo McDonald’s restaurant, dinners clear their own table and dispose of their wrappers and cups accordingly to plastic, paper or ice cubes/leftover beverage. I like this practice very much. I really … Continue reading

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Tokyo Ear Cleaning

Because having your ears cleaned by a pretty girl is a bliss.

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