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Overwatch Love Live

Love Live x Overwatch crossover Source : Pixiv

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Eli and Nozomi

Eli and Nozomi. The later years.

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Love Live Umi Birthday

15 March is Umi’s birthday! Looks like Hanayo made an origami of Umi for her birthday as well.

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China Rips Off Love Live School Idol Festival Game

If something is popular, you can be sure China won’t be far behind with their own version of it. Ripping something off is bad enough but what if you steal copyright material as well?

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Love Live Season 2 episode 8

The episode about Nozomi, the goddess who assemble the μvengers.

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Love Live Season 2 Episode 6

Lets count how many times the word impact appears in this episode.

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Love Live Season 2 Episode 4

Emphasis for your fellow friend with a retard brother.

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