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Japan Music Festival LiSA LiVE is Smile Always Singapore 2015 Concert

18 July 2015 marks LiSA’s fifth performance in Singapore and her first solo concert outside of Anime Festival Asia. It was an enjoyable night and we certainly hope to her again soon! ————————————————————— LiSA LiVE is Smile Always ~Singapore 2015~ … Continue reading

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Suara Singapore Concert

Who is Suara? From wikipedia Suara is a female Japanese singer born on August 3, 1979 who is from Osaka, Japan. She works under the label of FIX Records, distributed by King Records. Her two singles “Musōka” and “Hikari no … Continue reading

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Namie Amuro

Have you ever encountered this phenomenon before? You lost contact with your first love for many many years then one day she came back into your life again? Well it sure happened to me.

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On this day, your mum doesn’t want an expensive gift or dinner. She just want you to take care of yourself, stay out of trouble, wash your own dishes, clean up your own room and get a girlfriend soon. 今天,就听妈妈的话吧。

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In Memory of Ah San

我慢了。今天才在报章上得知前台湾歌手阿桑因乳癌于4月6日过世了,得年34岁。有一点悲伤,阿桑让我想起《叶子》,2003年偶像剧《蔷薇之恋》的片尾曲,也是阿桑的成名曲。可惜歌红却没让阿桑红起来。阿桑是有实力的,只是缺乏点运气。 34岁,好年轻。生命真无常。

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好久没像小粉丝般在台下看着欣赏的歌手唱歌了。除了陈绮贞,不会为谁这样做。XD Have been a long time since I behave like a fanboy listening to his favourite singer perform on stage. Only for Chen Qi Zhen. XD

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Cheer Chen Qi Zhen’s New Album Songs Translation

As a challenge to myself and to keep my grasp of Chinese in shape, I have translated 3 of my favourite songs from Chen Qi Zhen’s new album into English. It’s not professional quality but I tried my best. I … Continue reading

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